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Dubai Tour has years of expertise working in the travel and tourism sectors. Our dependable and exceptional customer service is well known. We provide some of the cheapest travel packages available worldwide.
We specialize in providing local and international air travel from Canada to all parts of the world. On our website, you can also make reservations for all of your vacation packages, airline tickets, hotel reservations, travel insurance, and rental cars.

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Our adventurers, travel professionals, and explorers have together traveled to more than 160 nations. We would want to share our wealth of life-enriching travel experiences with you.

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The first adventure booking platform in the world, Desert Safari Dubai allows you to quickly and easily book multi-day organized excursions in more than 160 nations for private, group, and custom itineraries.

It used to be difficult and time-consuming to make a reservation for a guided tour. Which place will I stay? How will I spend my time? What will my meals consist of? Is there a provider I can rely on? With 2,500+ operators to choose from, Taj Al Sahra offers more than 50,000 excursions in 160+ countries, making the process of booking multi-day tours quick and easy. Taj Al Sahra, which was established in 2010 and is the market leader today, was the first to convert multi-day trips to an online booking platform. By introducing the Adventure Booking Platform in 2021, Desert Safari Dubai further transformed the market by bringing together travelers, operators, and travel consultants to organize adventures through one platform.

Dubai Tour Sustainable Excursions

We assist operators with sustainable initiatives and give customers the option to offset carbon emissions when they check out because we support the Future of Tourism and signed the Glasgow Declaration.
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We recognize that travel plans can change. When your travel plans change last minute, we’re here for you with our accommodating booking policies and wide range of insurance options.

Accreditation by Travelers’ Choice

To make it simple to find and book adventures with those who create exceptional travel experiences, we recognize operators with the prestigious Travellers’ Choice badge.

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Taj Al Sahra allows you to quickly locate and book your preferred organized adventure on one practical platform. With access to more than 50,000 adventures across all continents.

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Our team of travel professionals is here to make finding and booking your adventure quick, easy, and efficient. We have offices in Australia, Europe, and North America.

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When you book your adventure on Taj Al Sahra, you’re getting the best travel experiences for the best prices because we partner with more than 2,500 operators to give you the best deals available.

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From one explorer to another, we understand the feeling of saving money on an adventure. So we’ve got you covered with the best travel offers delivered right to your inbox!

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Have there ever been mornings when you sprung out of bed with a zeal to conquer the day? At Taj Al Sahra, that’s the reality we live with every day. While a good cup of coffee certainly helps. We can recognize a good brew when we taste one! we embrace the growth mindset and work together on novel and exciting projects to ensure that our travelers embark on life-enriching travel experiences. With offices in Vienna, Toronto, and Brisbane as well as remote teams that are skilled at selecting the best virtual backgrounds. We collectively live and breathe what we preach, eager to visit almost all of this wonderful world.