Hot air balloon tour

Taj Al Sahrahot air balloon tour can be the most adventurous experience of your life. Firstly, we will give you unforgettable happiness In this way, you will capture in your memory the wonders of heaven and earth which will give you a light smile for the rest of your life. Hot air tickets will be the newest for you.

Hot air balloon tour

Countries where Hot air balloon tour is available

Above all ,there are different countries that provide the convenience of the Balloon tour, like Napa Valley California, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and also in UAE Dubai.

Cost of tour

The cost of the tour will depend upon the tour you booked. There are different types of hot air balloon tours, so the cost depends on it. Mainly the cost of the tour starts from 220.23ead to 450 ead. It’s all about the customers needs and what kind of tour they booked.

Services for the Hot Air balloon tour

Taj Al Sahra tour provides you with different services on different occasions. Like festivals events or functional parties. Furthermore, You can also book a Private tour with your family; it’s all about your needs. Moreover, our tour services are very flexible for our customers. Above all customer satisfaction is our inspiration to provide the best services.

Kinds of Hot air balloon

There are different kinds of tours; some are small only 5 people can ride them; some are medium in which there is only space for 8 to 9 members, and some are large containing a 25-person space. So that all the kinds of the balloon are totally dependent upon customer needs.

Our team

In the last let’s know about our hot balloon air tour team responsible is to provide safe and standard services to our customers. secondly , The hot air balloon team is really devoted to serving our services to their customers. We provide you the protection of satisfaction through which you can enjoy the reliable tour.

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